How we support our clients

We are committed to supporting Diversity and Inclusion initiatives across our business. In fact, we go beyond mandatory Diversity and Inclusion training to deliver ‘unconscious bias’ training that helps our employees to source a balanced stream of candidates. Our diagnostic Diversity Intelligence Toolkit ensures we consistently benchmark our services and provide our clients with a diverse shortlist of candidates for every vacancy.

Our Resourcing Intelligence and Diversity Intelligence Toolkits help us to better understand our stakeholders’ requirements and continuously improve the service we offer. From dynamic sourcing strategy, active talent pipelining, and proactive identification and engagement of talent, our approach ensures a continuous supply of high quality talent. By implementing a thorough screening strategy - supported by unconscious bias training - all of the candidates we supply deliver against our clients’ desirable competencies, values, behaviours, and in line with their Diversity and Inclusion agendas.

  • We develop processes that ensure fair and open competition by providing accessibility for all and base selection on merit alone
  • We implement innovative targeted media and networking techniques that encourage a more diverse range of candidates to apply
  • We support hiring managers in their commitment to diversity by ensuring they build a diverse and inclusive workforce

We provide daily insight into the make-up of the applicant pipeline. By identifying where candidates live, as well as their ethnicity, gender, and any disabilities they may have, we can supply regular reports that establish where and why candidates are leaving the recruitment process. 

  • Development of case study ‘personas’ relating to target audiences; encouraging a candidate-centric approach to service design; and
  • Management of representation at key diversity events such as Women In Technology.  

Helping Sellafield to secure support for their Equality, Diversity and Inclusion strategy

After receiving employee feedback that suggested some women, younger employees and ethnic or religious minorities were at risk of feeling marginalised Sellafield Ltd wanted to address and improve their approach to Equality, Diversity and Inclusion.

By working closely with the Sellafield management team, we identified a data-led approach that would provide valuable insight into employee experience. By analysing results, designing a sustainable strategy and validating the findings, we clearly articulated a compelling EDI business case. Our approach laid out a clear roadmap for senior leaders to follow, helping them to secure the support, commitment and investment needed to deliver their strategy.

Our solution has provided Sellafield with the opportunity to become an EDI leader within the nuclear industry, helping to position them as an employer of choice.

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