5 Things I Know - SME: Richard Hutchinson

Richard Hutchinson, Talent and Innovation Director at Capita Resourcing shares his five key insights on the impact technology is having on the talent acquisition process, now and in the future.
1. The candidate experience will always be at the heart of everything we do
The big fear with tech is that it will make our business less personal. However, the truth is technology is a revolutionary tool that, implemented right and used properly, will help give candidates an improved and more engaging experience that is entirely personal to them.
2. Recruitment needs to echo the consumer experience
Recruitment has got a lot to learn from the big online retailers. By utilising the technology available in the market, they have the ability to understand who we are, what we’re into and accurately predict what we might be interested in. They then use that data to serve us content that is both timely and relevant personally. If we can replicate the same but for candidates, we will be able to quickly identify the best talent, in large numbers and deliver them a seamless, personable recruitment process.
3. Automation means candidates could be attracted, assessed and invited to interview within minutes
We live in an age of instant gratification. We expect things to happen ‘now’. In the future, tech will enable candidates to see a job ad, ask questions about it, apply for it if it’s right for them, be assessed and know if they’ve got an interview almost immediately. Aside from the clear benefits to the candidate experience, Businesses will significantly improve their efficiency. The time to fill roles will reduce dramatically and with that, recruitment costs will dramatically reduce.
4. Recruiters are not about to lose their jobs to a robot
Tech will enable businesses to automate time-consuming administrative processes, that are responsible for stopping us from reaching optimum productivity. With the help of automation, we can be more efficient for our clients, whilst freeing us up to concentrate on candidate engagement and development.
5. In the future, tech will enable us to build ‘Talent Communities’
Marketing led content strategies will enable us to engage and maintain interest all the time and not just when there’s a live role. It will mean when a role does come up, there will be a ready developed pool of talent, relevant to the role and already engaged with our brand. We won’t have to start a conversation with them about a job, instead it’ll be like picking a conversation back up.