5 Things I Know - SME: Jessica Holt

Jessica Holt, Director of Contingent Workforce Solutions at Capita Resourcing, shares 5 important things she knows about the future of flexible workforces.
1. In uncertain times, it’s flexible organisations that will flourish
Those that can move and adapt quickly to changing business needs while continuing to ensure compliance will prosper in the face of change. And it’s the very same that are driving the shift to flexible workforces.
2. The shift towards flexible workforces is inevitable
In the future, flexible workforces will be multi-generational, multi-dimensional and they’ll demand choice. Businesses will need to open a continuous line of dialogue to ensure engagement and retention of their workforces, whether engaged permanently, as a contingent worker, remotely or across widespread teams.
3. A flexible workforce brings its own challenges
There are huge upsides to having a flexible workforce; the ability to understand which route and engagement offers the best fit and value to the resource or service requirement aids faster and more appropriate decision making and onboarding.  However, unless you have a clear understanding and visibility of your worker data, the service providers and spend initially you may still be exposed to ‘hidden’ workforce.
4. Technology will be the driving force of talent engagement
The future will bring with it a mix of robotics, service providers and individuals - with their value judged on productivity, capability and mobility. Connected devices will also have a big say in the flexibility of a workforce, and provide new ways to collaborate and connect a workforce remotely.
5. Educating employees on emerging tech is imperative
How do I Skype? How do I set up a video conference? How do I share collaborative documents? For some businesses, there is a danger of theoretical accreditation eclipsing actionable learning, leading to a workforce with chasm-like holes in their knowledge. It's fundamental that workforces are given the tools and the time to acquire the essential technical knowledge that their roles demand.